Draft Sample Complaint Forms

You may search for draft civil complaint forms using the Complaint Index, below. Your selection results will display a list of draft sample complaint forms containing suggested pleading prerequisites and general rhetorical allegations for the particular types of lawsuits and causes of action shown in the list. The forms also contain a number of notes, comments and blank spaces.

Due to the nature of our business we're not able to provide you an opportunity to view the text of the forms prior to purchase. However, you may review samples of the quality and style of our work product by clicking here: Review Sample Complaint Form and Discovery Topic Lists. We ask that you determine independently, prior to purchase, whether you believe one or more of our complaint forms may be appropriate for your particular legal situation. All sales are final once the forms have been delivered, and there are no refunds, returns or exchanges.

If a complaint form is purchased you'll need to complete and finalize the form prior to use by providing the specific facts and circumstances for your case, and by confirming that all applicable procedural and substantive pleading requirements have been met for your jurisdiction. The draft complaint form is intended simply as a starting template, not as a final document. All suggested rhetorical allegations, comments, notes and blank spaces in the form must be reviewed, revised, supplemented or deleted in the editing process by an experienced lawyer to make certain of accuracy and proper venue selection, and to insure that all final allegations are appropriate for the conditions, actual circumstances, pleading criteria, and other legal requirements of the case prior to actual use of the form. All sales are subject to the terms and conditions of L&AW's General Use Agreement (Including Notices and Disclaimers).

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